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China oak Association convened a conference on statistical w
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Industry statistics is an important means for the association to serve the industry. In order to improve the accuracy and coverage of the statistics, the China Rubber Industry Association held a conference on statistical work in Wuxi, Jiangsu, 9~11 August, and 81 rubber industry statisticians attended the meeting.

Deng Yali, President of China oak Association, delivered a speech at the meeting. She expounded the importance of the statistical work of the association and made expectations and guidance on the statistical work of the association, hoping to consolidate the basis of the statistical work and improve the accuracy of the statistical data; pay attention to the efficiency of statistical work and improve the time efficiency of statistical data; broaden the scope of statistical work and promote the promotion of statistical work Statistical data information content; enrich statistical work means.

Improve the efficiency of statistical data information. At the same time, she hopes that the enterprise statistics workers will use the good association and the cooperation platform to exchange, learn from each other, make up for each other, improve together, and promote the further development of the statistical work of the association.

Wang Fengsheng, the Secretariat of China oak Association, combed the problems in the statistical work of the association. From the definition and function of the index, the contents of the index, the principles that should be followed, the formula of the calculation method, the matters to be paid attention to, the difference between the related statistics and the differences between the indexes and so on. Industrial sales value (current price), main business income, export delivery value,

The total profit, total profits and taxes, finished products, production and other 8 main indicators and more than 20 related indicators were explained and standardized. It is hoped that enterprise statistical staff will clarify the first pass of statistical data after clarifying the definition of statistical indicators, statistical principles and matters needing attention.

Li Xin introduced the application of Excel chart. Finally, the representatives of advanced workers shared their work experience, and each branch statistician group discussed and exchanged.

At the meeting, 43 comrades were awarded the honorary title of "advanced workers of China Rubber Industry Association".

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